Baseball Bat Chokes! (drills / instructional and more)











In this little blog I compiled a bunch of my favorite baseball bat chokes and drills.  I love the baseball bat choke in particular because it’s such a sneaky, stealthy little technique.  WHY?  Because it is typically hit from traditionally “non-dominant” positions.  For example:  your slip in the grips, you allow your opponent to “pass your guard” and as they get to side-control…WHAM! You turn your hips and it’s either tap or lights out!  Be careful because most people will NOT tap out.  Why? Because they think they’re in side-control and “winning”…when in reality they’re being choked.  This is a great lesson to 1.  Always respect the grips sliding into your collar, 2.  Always respect the choke being applied, regardless of what position you think you’re in.  Have fun and as always, happy training Ninjas!  Let us know how these chokes are working for you in the comments below.  If you start playing with baseball chokes you’ll definitely need to tape those fingers…if you need good quality grappling tape check out Primate Grappling Tape.  Also, as walls for the dopest Gi’s, gear and apparel check out our awesome sponsor  origin!





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