LIVE Q & A Today at 6:00 PM est.

Join BJJ After 40 founder, Mike Bidwell today at the BJJ Fanatics Facebook group. 6:00 PM Est. (4:00 PM mountain) We will have a LIVE Question and Answer for 'All things BJJ after 40 years old.' JOIN US AT 4:00 PM east standard time

When Lapel’s Attack!

Are you a lapel choker? You know, using both you and your partners lapels to submit them. Well these two videos are right up your alley. One of the reasons I love lapel chokes is that they are more forgiving on your fingers. Plus they're incredibly sneaky! To become a lapel choke master click here!... Continue Reading →

LIVE* BJJ Fanatics Show!

Join us this Friday April 14th at 3:00 PM EST for a LIVE BJJ Fanatics Show! Send us your questions and you could win a prize! We will have drawings for a FREE online private lesson and more. E-mail your questions to: Please make your questions related to After 40 Brazilian jiu-jitsu / Grappling.... Continue Reading →

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