Tips for rapid progression in Jiu-Jitsu

Who do you wish to become as you journey down this Jiu-Jitsu path?   That's an important question to ask... but don't sit around waiting for the answer.  I tend to be a thoughtful, introspective person.  That may sound good on paper, but it can sometimes be a dangerous place to BE.  If we sit... Continue Reading →


Kraken Choke Variations and Shoulder Lock

In this little video I give you a peep into a few different versions of the Kraken choke.  It's one of my favorite submissions!  I cover it in depth in the HeadHunter Instructional with several variations that will work for various body sizes.  I also show the accompanying stretches to develop the skill sets to... Continue Reading →

HeadHunter Instructional is Now Available!

                  You can now get the Headhunter Instructional (Click here) Discount Code:  SPIDERNINJA The incredible new submission system created and conceived through the eyes of BJJ black belt and BJJAfter40 founder Mike "Spider Ninja" Bidwell. Over 4 hours of the most progressive and creative jiu jitsu attacks ever... Continue Reading →

The Stepping Stones of Jiu-Jitsu

Don't get to attached to the belts... but also don't detach yourself from them either!  The belts ARE important.  I remember not caring about the belts.  In fact 'not caring' so greatly that I was 'stuck' at brown belt for 13 years.  (Yes, I was training the entire time too) There was a point where... Continue Reading →

Be a Jiu-Jitsu Sniper!

It’s rarely ever about ‘trying harder’ or ‘more effort’… Good Jiu-Jitsu is effortless. Instead of building more muscles… build more awareness. We have been programmed to think that effort is a physical action rather than a mental aptitude. The conscious observer is like a sniper… they see everything and reveal nothing… every movement is observed,... Continue Reading →

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