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Origin Labs and Origin Maine

If you’re looking for higher quality, 100% American made gi’s (and gear) then you’re in the right place. Origin makes the best quality gi’s, gear and apparel all made in their Maine factory.  Click on the links below to learn more about Origin.  Buy with confidence!

Origin Labs offers only the HIGHEST quality supplements on the market!  I ONLY choose origin because they are amazing quality and they work.  I HIGHLY recommend the Joint Warfare and Krill oil for your joints.  Discount Code:  Bidwell10

Origin Supplements that are a ‘Must Have’ for 40+ Practitioners:

“I can’t live without these two supplements… How do I know this? Because when I stop, I feel the pain!”

     -Mike Bidwell, founder of BJJAfter40



FullSizeRender  IMG_2876

Manscaped makes incredible Hygiene products.

Don’t be the stinky guy in your gym. It’s important to clean EVERY part of your body.  

Even the parts your partners don’t see! Use code: BJJ20 for a 20% discount.  

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