Master The Gentle Art Without Being Too Hard On Your Body With BJJ Black Belt & Renowned Instructor Mike Bidwell’s Guide To Grappling Over 40


  • Mike Bidwell is an instructor who specializes in helping older grapplers, so this is a great chance to learn from someone who is showing moves with you in mind
  • Use techniques that are designed for older grapplers, including a system for attacking with the lapel from side control that will help you slow things down and pick apart your opponents
  • Mike teaches you about how to DRILL on the mat as an older grappler so that you can maximize your training and improvement
  • Learn why the lapel control is perfect for older grapplers, as Mike shows you tons of effective and innovative submission attacks you can really use
  • Start hitting more chokes from side control, including the X choke, the inquisitor choke, the garrote, and more
  • Use different kinds of lapel controls for maximum effect, including the ninja lapel series that Mike has specialized in 
Welcome Video 0
Intro 2:38
How to Drill 3:48
Lapel Side Control 5:29
Lapel Side Control Chokes 10:38
Far Side X-Choke 14:58
Lapel Wrist Control Chokes 18:49
Lapel Wrist Control to Triangle Choke 24:41
Lapel Wrist Control Mount Attacks 31:02
Arm Sling Attacks 35:46
Arm Sling to Back Take 40:09
Arm Sling to Mount Attacks 46:49
More Lapel Mount Attacks 54:09
Lapel Mount Attacks with a Twist 1:05:02
Lapel Guard Attacks 1:13:08

Volume 2

Intro 0
Ninja Lapel Attacks from Side 7:46
More Ninja Lapel Attacks 8:42
Gnarly Davidson Omoplata Series 16:16
Lapel Options from Side Mount 22:37
Garrote Strangulation 30:59
Inquisitor Choke 38:02
Master and Apprentice 45:37
Mount Set Ups and Attacks 51:44
Lapel Counter Attacks 57:26
Lapel Drill Series 1:04:28
Lapel Choke Drilling Series 1:07:02
Ninja Lapel Drilling Series 1:11:44

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