Dive into the BaseBall Bat Choke!

I love this choke! It's sneaky and the results speak for themselves. Almost everyone who gets caught in this choke in a. tournament goes to sleep. But be careful you don't put your partners to sleep. This is also an excellent choke for 40+ grapplers. It's simple to set up and the young, aggressive players... Continue Reading →

Leg Trapping and Entanglements

Jiu-JItsu is truly the art of entanglement. The legs are the longest limbs with three solid attack areas (hips / knees /ankles). But understanding how to trap and isolate is the key to success. In my latest instructional I cover in great detail how to control and lock the legs into an inescapable position. When... Continue Reading →

Collar Options from the Guard!

Here’s a few of my favorite collar attacks from the guard... You may have seen some of my recent posts showing my no-gi grip versions. I like to merge both worlds. I don’t just choose collar chokes when I’m in the Gi or no-gi chokes when I’m without. I use both all the time.... but... Continue Reading →

Baseball Chokes Everywhere!

The Baseball choke is a huge part of my game. In the past I would use it as a secret, "Hail Mary" technique. I could always catch someone once... but not always the second time. After I would get them once, they would be aware of my shenanigans. But over time I have deepened my... Continue Reading →

Side Control Attacks!

Side control offers so many opportunities for success. You can hold, pin, rest, transition or submit! Not a bad deal. To me side control is the reward for passing the guard. Because I know if I can get there I'll likely win the match. In this video I show a sneaky set up from the... Continue Reading →

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