Advance your Gripping Game!

Time in quarantine doesn't have to mean no training! In fact, No partner? NO PROBLEM. We've given you all the tools to stay on track and even propel your training during this time. Just because you can't roll with live partners doesn't mean you won't advance your training. In SOLO SKILLZ & DRILLZ we've put... Continue Reading →

Ultimate BJJ Solo Workouts!

Nobody to train with?  Feel the BJJ quarantine blues...  Ultimate BJJ Solo systems is your answer!  Now is the perfect time to propel your flexibility and mobility.  I have compiled ten amazing chapters of solo drilling, conditioning, flexibility and MORE!  This system includes:  THREE full length solo home workouts, complete mobility program, DIY home grappling... Continue Reading →

Stretching has NEVER been so important!

With gyms closed and everyone at home - stretching has never been more important (and easier to make time for).  You've worked so hard at Jiu-Jitsu to build cardio, grip strength, flexibility and a whole host of benefits that will quickly diminish if you don't address them now.  Of all the good you've gained from... Continue Reading →

The Turtle Triangle Choke

In this video I show a slick triangle choke from the turtle position.  I love this as a great alternative while attacking from turtle.  It's super sneaky and they'll never see it coming! Happy Hunting... This technique (and many, many more) are taught in the Leg Strangler instructional now available at the lowest price ever.... Continue Reading →

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