Back Escape Concepts

I cannot emphasize the importance of covering and controlling the thumbs when defending the choke. I am covering back attacks and defense all week at my in-person dojo. You can NOW be a fly on the wall and join our training from wherever you are in the world. We now film our classroom content along... Continue Reading →

The BJJ Cast of Characters!

The BJJ World is filled with a cast of characters. Here's a few of our funniest ones. 1. “STFU Guy” 🤐 - He might drive you crazy when you get a submission and yet he coaches you to the finish line! 2. “ADCC Guy” 🏆- Never trust this guy as light rolling doesn’t exist in... Continue Reading →

Combat Sports UK Interview

Today Adam Speaks to 'The Spider Ninja' Himself, Mike Bidwell. We talk about BJJ After 40, the elusive black belt, baseball chokes, teaching and about Mikes latest BJJ Fanatics Course! We discuss simplified teaching modalities, lessons from my 13 years at Brown belt, competing back in the day (pre 2000's) and more!

Space is NOT the enemy! or is it…

We hear this time and again in our BJJ / Grappling practice, "Space is the enemy!" Listen in as we discuss the real truth to this statement. You'll also learn a dope triangle / omoplata entry. Get more sick techniques like this one in my newest course available ONLY on BJJFanatics. 24 Chapters and almost... Continue Reading →

Our Shop is OPEN!

You've asked for BJJ After 40 merch! Here's your chance to get tee shirts, hoodies, cool BJJ items and more! NEW items will be added all the time. FULL SHOP CLICK HERE or Click images for more colors, designs and sizes!

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