The Journey never ends!

Some “new” stuff I’ve been working on. “New” to me that is... Jiu-Jitsu is a game of discovery. No matter the geography or style of grappling or the practitioner creating... we ALL start with the same canvas. Two arms, two legs & a neck. We are all bound to the same physical rules... though some... Continue Reading →

GUARD Takedowns!

Using the guard to set up takedowns is an interesting concept.  You'll find several options off this takedown to get to the back / secure side control & catch some leg submissions!  This is a very versatile attack sequence.  I gave you a few examples... now it's up to you to dig into it even... Continue Reading →

Why you NEED to go back to training!

Your training IS important now more than ever.  There is nothing in our lives that physically and mentally challenges us like training BJJ.  It stimulates us intellectually in ways nothing else can.  When you're practicing Jiu-Jitsu you're literally creating new pathways in your brain.  When you roll you deepen your focus and mental aptitude by... Continue Reading →

Is Jiu-Jitsu Essential?

Is Jiu-Jitsu Essential? What is essential? As we all have put our day to day rolling on a hiatus we may be really missing the gentle art more than ever. Jiu-Jitsu fills a different void for each os us. It may help us get into great shape.... relieve stress... mental health... energy release.... community.... and... Continue Reading →

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