More Killer Ninja Roll Chokes!

Here's some dope Ninja Roll Chokes from the Origin Immersion Camp!  I have some really cool, super secret chokes I've been working on for some time - soon to be released... Look for them!  Be sure you're subscribing to our YouTube channel to get them first....


Modified Americana from the Origin Immersion Camp

This is a move that I have been doing for many years.  I first learned it in around 1997 or '98 from Roger Machado.  I'm not sure of it's actual origin.  I believe that all moves are a part of a tree with many branches.  Eventually if you climb around in the tree long enough... Continue Reading →

How can Jiu-Jitsu Save the World?

Everyone loves Jiu-Jitsu!  Yes it's tough and we all face challenges in our training... but ultimately we keep going back because we love it.  It gets us in the best physical and mental shape of our lives... we have fun waging "war" with our friends... we get to be part of an amazing community... we... Continue Reading →

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