Cool Ninja Shoulder Lock from North / South

Enjoy this cool little modified ude-garami (shoulder lock) from north / south.  Be careful with your partners shoulders, they are made of bone and flesh not rubber.  Happy training Ninjas!  Don't miss our upcoming BJJ Camps!      


Never buy Tape Again! Luta Gear Gripp Tap Review

*NOT A PAID SPONSOR - REVIEW* This is an interesting product I've been testing for a few months now called Gripptap from Luta Gear.  It replaces tape with a small sleeve (much like a knee sleeve or elbow sleeve) but for your fingers.  It comes in 1, 2 and 3 fingered versions.  I wasn't sure... Continue Reading →

YOUR BJJ Vacation!

Join us for a BJJ weekend getaway you’ll never forget. We can create the perfect BJJ vacation of your dreams. We cater your experience to your specific needs and requests. Training can consist of private instruction, group classes or a combination of both - you decide. Our school is centrally located in Lakewood, Colorado. Just... Continue Reading →

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