Jiu-Jitsu Talk: Instagram Q & A

In this Instagram Q & A video we discuss all kinds of great topics.... my newest instructional the Leg Strangler,  progression on the mats, longevity, injuries, sustainability... and so much more! Grab your coffee ☕️ or cup of tea and tune in. Look for the LEG STRANGLER Instructional coming later this week!  Are you ready... Continue Reading →

Another Kraken Choke in competition!

“Hi Mike, how are you doing? Btw yesterday, in the most prestigius competition in Indonesia, I got another kraken choke in semifinal match” -from @budiwibowo45 Great job to our instagram friend on releasing another Kraken choke in competition. I show this move plus all the supporting components in my newest instructional THE LEG STRANGLER. I... Continue Reading →

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