Lasso Guard with three Submissions!

Here's a nice lasso guard series that I love a lot!  You'll see three nice attacks that work really nicely together.  Be sure to check out the little bonus video below! Are you ready to learn all the secrets to my Headhunter choking system? Do you want to become a HEADHUNTER?... Continue Reading →


Sweet Kimura from the Mount with variations!

I haven't been on social media that past several weeks as we close in on finishing the HEADHUNTER INSTRUCTIONAL! It will be released in just a few short weeks!  Get ready Ninjas... For now here's a savory little treat or you.  Enjoy this cool Kimura from the mount with some nasty consequences for your partners.... Continue Reading →

Be a Jiu-Jitsu Sniper!

It’s rarely ever about ‘trying harder’ or ‘more effort’… Good Jiu-Jitsu is effortless. Instead of building more muscles… build more awareness. We have been programmed to think that effort is a physical action rather than a mental aptitude. The conscious observer is like a sniper… they see everything and reveal nothing… every movement is observed,... Continue Reading →

The Headhunter Instructional Update & Teaser

Get ready The Headhunter Instructional series in coming this Fall!!!  It should be finished in August and ready for early Fall... We are knee deep into filming and editing this amazing project and it's going to be something else!  Tons of Gi and No-Gi chokes... multiples angles / closeups / PLUS all the supporting details... Continue Reading →

Master Movement to improve your submissions!

If you want to master movement you must create movement... Cyclical flow drills are a great way to play with techniques together... safely train through injuries and master the art of movement.  Movement is the fascia that binds and connects everything... Check out some of the cyclical flow drills below.  Better yet... CREATE your... Continue Reading →

A Message to Beginners

In this new episode we have a special message just for beginners (but certainly worthwhile for anyone)... Grab a coffee or a cold drink and join me for a listen! We discuss the first 6 months of BJJ and what to be mindful of and where to find the best lessons. We talk about what... Continue Reading →

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