The Leg Strangler is HERE!

Every great trilogy has a finale that blows the mind. First there was the HEADHUNTER… then came the BONEBREAKER… Now get ready to unleash your longest, strongest weapons with the LEG STRANGLER! Master the Ultimate set of weapons: your legs!  This program has all the wizardry you’d expect from the Spider Ninja but with basic... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Leg Attack system!

What is the Ultimate tool for submitting?  The legs of course.  It's your longest, strongest set of weapons! With leg engaging attacks most people face a few challenges.  First off, it takes time to develop leg coordination, accuracy and timing.  In most cases, you are  simply limited to the triangle choke.  In my latest instructional... Continue Reading →

Jiu-Jitsu Talk: Instagram Q & A

In this Instagram Q & A video we discuss all kinds of great topics.... my newest instructional the Leg Strangler,  progression on the mats, longevity, injuries, sustainability... and so much more! Grab your coffee ☕️ or cup of tea and tune in. Look for the LEG STRANGLER Instructional coming later this week!  Are you ready... Continue Reading →

Another Kraken Choke in competition!

“Hi Mike, how are you doing? Btw yesterday, in the most prestigius competition in Indonesia, I got another kraken choke in semifinal match” -from @budiwibowo45 Great job to our instagram friend on releasing another Kraken choke in competition. I show this move plus all the supporting components in my newest instructional THE LEG STRANGLER. I... Continue Reading →

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