YOUR BJJ Vacation!

Join us for a BJJ weekend getaway you’ll never forget. We can create the perfect BJJ vacation of your dreams. We cater your experience to your specific needs and requests. Training can consist of private instruction, group classes or a combination of both - you decide. Our school is centrally located in Lakewood, Colorado. Just... Continue Reading →


The Executioner’s Choke!

Check out the "Executioner's Choke"... a nasty collar strangulation that will surely get their attention!  Just be sure you don't kill your partner during practice!  Look for the Headhunter Complete Strangulation System coming soon!

The Tea Cup drill for shoulder mobility

This is an awesome, fun drill to build flow, fluidity, timing, rhythm and more. It's also amazing for developing shoulder mobility and flexibility. I had two shoulder surgeries years ago and this has helped me quite a bit. It loosens the shoulders and builds a better range of motion. Give it a try and Happy... Continue Reading →

What is the ‘Purpose of Movement’?

What is the purpose of movement? It’s purpose is not to resist a static unchanging resistance but to resist a force that changes its plane of motion. Movements are the binding force that connects submissions… you have to play with and actively explore your own sense of motion and how it applies to your rolls... Continue Reading →

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