Triangle Choke Compilation!

Triangle choke compilation!  Enjoy Inverted Triangles from the bottom More Inverted Triangles... Ninja Roll Chokes with Mounted Choke Variation Triangle set up from guard (off arm bar)        


A Message to Beginners

In this new episode we have a special message just for beginners (but certainly worthwhile for anyone)... Grab a coffee or a cold drink and join me for a listen! We discuss the first 6 months of BJJ and what to be mindful of and where to find the best lessons. We talk about what... Continue Reading →

Animal Movement routine for Grapplers

In this video we take you through a movement based routine for grapplers. We start with a light warm up and move into mat drills and then animal movements. These are all functional movements specifically for BJJ / grapplers. All you need is just a little mat space or outside on the sand or grass.... Continue Reading →

BJJAfter40 TV: *NEW* Episodes 1 & 2

Tune in every week for awesome new content covering  Holistic health / recovery, flexibility secrets, motivational / inspirational talks and much MORE!  Find our channel on InstagramTV @BJJAfter40 (You'll notice that these videos are "portrait" style which is part of the platform on IGTV - It's a pretty cool format so check it out live... Continue Reading →

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