Hip Bump Sweep counter

In this video (2 parts) we show some nice details on the hip bump sweep counter.  This is one of my favorite sweeps and this move is kryptonite to my sweep. Enjoy and happy training Ninjas!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oaob2YDdq6g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9s5Zq7M6zc


BJJAfter40 TV: Episode 3 “Ultimate Flexibility”

In this latest episod of BJJAfter40 TV on Instagram we talk about my favorite subject...FLEXIBILITY! But we don't just stop at physical flexibility... we talk into great detail about emotional and mental flexibility and how it relates to your BJJ practice.  Plus tips on stretching and MORE.  Grab a nice drink and a healthy snack... Continue Reading →

BJJAfter40 TV: *NEW* Episodes 1 & 2

Tune in every week for awesome new content covering  Holistic health / recovery, flexibility secrets, motivational / inspirational talks and much MORE!  Find our channel on InstagramTV @BJJAfter40 (You'll notice that these videos are "portrait" style which is part of the platform on IGTV - It's a pretty cool format so check it out live... Continue Reading →

Cross Arm-lock Triangle Combo

  Sneaky stuff happening in this video!  Watch this one closely as I show a very slick little arm-lock / Triangle combo off the cross collar grip.  Why the Rash Guard and no gi top in the video?  Someone asked me recently why I don't wear a gi top when I'm demonstrating a move yet... Continue Reading →

Ninja Grip break for stubborn grips!

I love this grip break!  I came up with this one while exploring finger and small joint locks.  By that I mean joint manipulations with fingers…. which is illegal in BJJ and MMA matches.  But I do think they have some relevance to self-defense.  The problem is practicing them safely while keeping your digits in... Continue Reading →

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