Holiday Discount on all Videos!

We are super stoked to announce a special discount on our ENTIRE streaming instructional library!  Every single instructional series is now on sale.  Titles included: *The Leg Strangler, Breathless, Adaptable Jiu-Jitsu, Lapel Hell, Flow-Jitsu, Unraveling the guard, Leg Locks for everyone, Savage arm bars, Playing Dirty: Wrist Locks, Going Upside down - Inversions for everyone,... Continue Reading →

How to Choke friends & Influence People!

In Dale Carnegie's book, "How to win friends and Influence People" he teaches a series of strategies on how to communicate and connect with others... In my newest instructional, "Breathless" I teach you how to influence others using a whole different language! We use lapels, grips and chokes to make an impact on others. To... Continue Reading →

Lapel Chokes from Everywhere!

Get BREATHLESS today! In my latest instructional Breathless: The Art of the Choke we dig deep into lapel and collar chokes. This is some of my absolute favorite gi attacks. Why? Because tail chokes are very unpredictable and you can find them EVERWHERE!. Additionally, you have both of the bottoms of your own gi plus... Continue Reading →

Lapel Attacks from the Back!

Breathless - The Art of the Choke - Available NOW! I love lapel / tail attacks! In this video I show a bunch of lapel / tail set ups from the back. In my newest instructional Breathless (now available). It's 15 choke filled chapters of ninja gems. One thing I can say about this instructional... Continue Reading →

Breathless and The Art of the Choke!

I went on a teaching rampage last week and filmed every choke I could think of... the result is BREATHLESS - The Art of Choke. This is my favorite instructional that I have ever filmed! I’m so proud of this piece. It’s literally stuffed with moves, transitions, set ups and more. Nothing is held back...... Continue Reading →

Becoming Pliable!

I find that the triangle is the most adaptable technique in my arsenal. I always say, "Triangles are everywhere!" And alas they truly are everywhere. You just need to know how and where to look. What separates the triangle from almost every other submission is that it is not limited by one or two positions.... Continue Reading →

Adaptable Jiu-Jitsu

*Each move masterfully translated for gi and no gi*Never Seen Before Twists and turns on techniques*In true collaborative fashion Mike and Steve let you dig into their personal Jiu-Jitsu stash Now YOU can become the creator... the architect... the true gamemaster. In adaptable jiu-jitsu we show you how to play the game in a whole new... Continue Reading →

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