My ninjas here’s a pretty dope interview I did recently with Ryan Ford from the Grappling Central Podcast.  We talk in depth about my 13-years at brown belt and how I finally had my physical and mental breakthrough to black belt.  I also discuss my early beginnings, what inspires me to create my moves and my creative process.

Grab your earphones, find some space on the floor and stretch while you listen and enjoy this great conversation about the Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle on and off the mats!  Happy training ninjas.  For more information on the Grappling Central Podcast click here!











All right ninjas here’s two versions of the “Snake in the Grass Choke”.  In the third video I show my original version of this choke.  You will notice some changes and adaptations in the latest versions.  I have also included a slick little no-gi version that I came up with too!  Have fun and stay in the flow ninjas.  Speaking of ‘Flow’ be sure to Check out Flow-Jitsu!

Drilling in Four Easy Steps!

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All right ninjas here’s a slew of great guard attacks that all connect one to the next creating a continuous flow.  Each technique is designed as a counter to “whatever” my partner gives me.  This mindset allows me to stay calm, focused and in a state of “flow” throughout the roll….versus meeting resistance with more resistance or worse confusion.  I would recommend drilling these moves in several ways:

  1.  Watch the videos and mentally rehearse the moves so that you create anchors and pathways in your brain.  This way when you go to physically drill them you will already have them mentally available to you.
  2. Physically drill the moves on a non-resistant partner.  In this mode you are just trying to translate  the mental pathways you have created into physical movements. Once you feel like you are performing the moves clean and precisely, you will move to step 3.
  3. Drill with resistance and roadblocks.  In this mode you will start with your partner in your guard.  As you set up for your sweep, your partners job is to create various roadblocks.  For example:  you sit up to sweep and they stuff your sweep so you transition to the over-hook from your back and so on.
  4. Randori – Now that you’ve spent some time rehearsing and practicing your counter submissions you will want to put them to the test.  The best way to “test” them is against someone who offers resistance but you don’t have to completely sacrifice your own sense of well-being.  For example:  if you’re a purple belt you can test new moves on a blue belt.  This gives you the opportunity to tweak and play with the moves without paying a steep price for an error.  Be more on staying in the flow… sure to check out Flow-Jitsu today!

To practice any art, no  matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  So do it! -Kurt Vonnegut 


The Kraken Choke!

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The Kraken is a legendary sea  monster that is said to lurk in the waters off the coasts of Norway and Greenland.  So here’s the “Kraken Choke”, aka the octopus choke.  As you can see I use ll my limbs like tentacles.  Of course all this requires a little flexibility and dexterity.  How do you develop these traits?  Well, you’ve got to stretch daily.  So start by creating a healthy habit of daily stretching!  Happy training ninjas.  20000_squid_holding_sailor

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Why be Creative in BJJ?

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Why be creative in BJJ and grappling?  Well…the easy answer is because you CAN!  I came up doing traditional striking martial arts as a kid.  Primarily Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo Karate.  In these traditional martial arts (which I think have value when taught properly) there is very little room for creativity.  Stances, forms, etc. are all done a very specific way with no room for interpretation.  Because there is so little creativity or adaptation these arts become (I hate to use this word) dead or at least stagnant martial arts.  Now you could certainly make an argument that these arts are taught this way because the “masters” passed down what they found as the best, most effective ways to perform these techniques.  That perhaps there should be no interpretation…nothing added and nothing taken away.  In fact there are MANY Jiu-Jitsu instructors who teach this way.  The “my way or the highway” mentality of teaching.  I’m not saying this is bad either..bless those instructors.  There’s room for every  flavor in Jiu-Jitsu.  If you don’t like one approach, you can find another teacher who may offer something that’s more in line with your philosophy. This again illustrates the adaptability of the gentle art.  Instructors can range from the one size fits all, everyone does what I do… to the other end, which is the creative – open minded teacher.  I prefer the latter because that has always been my experience.

I have never discriminated at the opportunity to learn something new.  When I was a budding Jiu-Jitsuka in the mid-90’s it was challenging to learn BJJ while living on the East Coast.  Schools and instructors were very difficult to find.  My then BJJ instructor Allan Goes was in California while I lived on the East Coast. Because of the challenges of geography it was difficult to train regularly with a BJJ Black Belt.  Therefore we would learn from any bit of information we could get our hands on.  From books on wrestling, Judo to videos (yes actual VHS videos) from Brazil, Japan or any instructional we could find (there were very few back then too).  You have to also remember there was no YouTube either.  My point is that we never paused or second guessed an opportunity for learning.  Nowadays we see a BJJ technique on Facebook and instead of trying to see how we can make that work, we try o figure out why we think it will never work.  When I see a move or technique I look at it and say what can I take from this experience to add to my experience.  It’s rarely the entire move but rather a piece..a concept…an angle that’s implanted into my consciousness that has the potential to blossom into something greater.  But if I was completely closed minded then I get nothing from the experience.  When I put out videos of “new” moves I never think of them as absolutes as even finished moves.  It’s up to the viewer to take my interpretation and make it their own.  That’s the power of Jiu-Jitsu that we don’t just get to look at the pretty vases..but we get to be the creator and the creation!  (if we choose too)

I recently learned about the Greek word “meraki”.  (pronounced may-rah-kee)  It’s one of those words that we don’t have an English equivalent.  Often referred to as untranslatable.  But if we were going to translate it… it means to leave some of your soul or essence in whatever you do.  This is my philosophy on Jiu-Jitsu to leave a little bit of me in everything I do.  When I do this…I am being as honest as I can be.  (check out the dope video below, of well….me being me)



This is one of my favorite chokes of all time…The Octopus Choke!  It’s very sneaky, quick and your limbs (arms AND legs) become tentacles.  You do have to have some flexibility…but you don’t need to be gumby. But if you’re not flexible, then I challenge you to start stretching more.  I know what you’re saying already…“But I’m not flexible…”  “It’s a genetic thing…”   As if the doctor or midwife were like, “Ma’am I have some bad news, your baby appears to be inflexible and is destined to a life of tight limbs!”  People always comment on how flexible I am…and how lucky I am to be so flexible.  (as if luck had anything to do with it)  So you think you were born inflexible?  (me too) Seriously though we are not born inflexible anymore than someone is a ‘born loser’.  Yes some people may be more naturally flexible than others.  But in my experience if you ‘dig enough’ you’ll find that these “naturally” flexible people all have one thing in common…they stretch.  I’m not saying you need to stretch all day every day.  But what would happen to your training if you decided to take 20 minutes every day and just did a mindful stretch?  My guess is that you would improve flexibility, reduce injury, recover quicker and have more tools at your BJJ disposal.  I love to take short 20-minute stretches and more often longer marathon stretches that can last up to an hour or more.  Play around with this choke in the different iterations that I present here.  But more importantly, start making stretching a part of your daily ritual.  Remember, the harder you work the luckier you get (on and off the mats).

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All right ninjas here’s another Flow-Jitsu counter series. This series is deigned to help you implement the Flow-Jitsu techniques from my instructional series. In this video I cover three techniques: The Omoplata from the over-hook, the Mir Lock and a real sneaky choke from the omoplata position. Happy Training anf Be sure to pick up the entire Flow-Jitsu series today! 



I hope that everyone is really enjoying the Flow-Jitsu instructional series! This is a supplement video for the series. In this video I show a few transitional submissions when they counter the inside / outside Kimura sweep which I teach in module one of Flow-Jitsu.  Be sure to check out this exciting new project.  It’s perfect for kids / adults and beginners, intermediate or advanced practitioners.  There’s a special discount until Friday (20% off code:  FLOW20)

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A message from Nic Gregoriades, founder of the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood and author of “The Black Belt Blueprint”.

You know already how excited I am to have collaborated with Mike Bidwell from BJJ After 40 on his new instructional video Flow-Jitsu.

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A detailed breakdown of Mike’s patented “ninja-roll” choke

How to integrate a smooth, flowing style into your game – even if your Jiu Jitsu is clunkier than a wooden horse right now

A sneaky wrist-lock technique guaranteed to bamboozle your partner on the mat

Effective counter submissions from the mount position that are perfect for both gi and no-gi jiu jitsu
Kimura Sweep Counters | Flow Jitsu
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A Message from Nic Gregoriades, co-founder of The Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood:

It’s not talked about much.

But sometimes, those who are naturally best at something are NOT the best to learn from.


Because when you have natural ability, it can be hard to teach others what comes so easily to you.

But those who struggle, who suffer, who are NOT “naturals” at their skill or sport – and who still become great athletes? They can really teach you something… because they’ve been there themselves.

They understand the hardships.

The learning process.

The struggle.

And, they understand the deep satisfaction that comes with overcoming all the obstacles in your path.

I’ve met some individuals in the BJJ community like this – Mike Bidwell is a perfect example.

That’s why I’m proud to tell you that I’ve collaborated with Mike on his new instructional video series Flow-Jitsu.

Mike has a very unique flowing style of Jiu Jitsu, and in Flow-Jitsu that’s exactly what you’ll learn.

What’s so great about Mike’s style is that it can be used by anyone of any age – Mike is proof of it himself at 47.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn:

How to chain sweeps together and create a state of flow (that’s Module 4)

Americana set ups you can use to cover every possible counter to your opponent’s defense

An all NEW, never-before-filmed mount lapel attack – the seppuku choke!

4 clever ways to set up the face wrap position from mount (that’s in Module 8)
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This is a great opportunity to learn from one of the most interesting instructors in Jiu Jitsu today so you won’t want to miss it!

-Nic Gregoriades, Author of “The Black Belt Blue print”, co-founder of the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood

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