Leg Trapping and Entanglements

Jiu-JItsu is truly the art of entanglement. The legs are the longest limbs with three solid attack areas (hips / knees /ankles). But understanding how to trap and isolate is the key to success. In my latest instructional I cover in great detail how to control and lock the legs into an inescapable position. When... Continue Reading →

Collar Options from the Guard!

Here’s a few of my favorite collar attacks from the guard... You may have seen some of my recent posts showing my no-gi grip versions. I like to merge both worlds. I don’t just choose collar chokes when I’m in the Gi or no-gi chokes when I’m without. I use both all the time.... but... Continue Reading →

Baseball Chokes Everywhere!

The Baseball choke is a huge part of my game. In the past I would use it as a secret, "Hail Mary" technique. I could always catch someone once... but not always the second time. After I would get them once, they would be aware of my shenanigans. But over time I have deepened my... Continue Reading →

Side Control Attacks!

Side control offers so many opportunities for success. You can hold, pin, rest, transition or submit! Not a bad deal. To me side control is the reward for passing the guard. Because I know if I can get there I'll likely win the match. In this video I show a sneaky set up from the... Continue Reading →

Holiday Discount on all Videos!

We are super stoked to announce a special discount on our ENTIRE streaming instructional library!  Every single instructional series is now on sale.  Titles included: *The Leg Strangler, Breathless, Adaptable Jiu-Jitsu, Lapel Hell, Flow-Jitsu, Unraveling the guard, Leg Locks for everyone, Savage arm bars, Playing Dirty: Wrist Locks, Going Upside down - Inversions for everyone,... Continue Reading →

How to Choke friends & Influence People!

In Dale Carnegie's book, "How to win friends and Influence People" he teaches a series of strategies on how to communicate and connect with others... In my newest instructional, "Breathless" I teach you how to influence others using a whole different language! We use lapels, grips and chokes to make an impact on others. To... Continue Reading →

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