Don’t Quit BJJ! Watch this Video First

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a tough journey physically and mentally!  I wanted to quit many times..maybe you do too.  Or maybe you’re on the fence and you don’t know what to do?

Grab a cup of coffee…sit down…and lets chat.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Quit BJJ! Watch this Video First

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  1. I am 51 and have doing bjjj for 7 years . I have stopped training twice in that time. Being sore and injured was my mind set. My coach has worked with me on this . I have watched white belts pass me . I though I was to slow to learn . But not true I learn differently then those who passed me. Very hard to accept. I started to look at me and see what i can do differntly. Started at 200lbs now at 165 . Working on flexibility now and core muscle. I WILL GET MY PURPLE. Along the way I wil be passed by white and blue belts. I will learn from them and help those who want my help . This is a life journey. I am aslo going back to Taekwondo and getting my Black Belt. At Red belt now . Thanks for blog site . Helps me and white belts who are younger then me. We try the skills you are showing. Please keep rolling and blog site going. I am getting your video for Christmas. My whole family trains now. My wife and older daughter (14yrs) train with me. My 9 year old is in kid class that i have been helping out with .

    THANK YOU for you site.( also long term goal is come to your week long seminar once we out of debt)

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