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Mission:  To help promote the growth of BJJ as a safe, sustainable life enriching practice for men and women over 40.

We are excited to share the vision of a sustainable Jiu-Jitsu journey for practitioners of all ages – but especially our fellow 40 plus ninjas.  As an official, sanctioned chapter you will have the opportunity to create a BJJAfter40 enthusiasts group in your city.  Groups can meet up for training, rolling, sharing ninja secrets or social gatherings, etc with likeminded practitioners.  No kids allowed!  Yes, we do check ID’s at the door.  You have to be at lease 40 years old to be a group leader or member.  Sorry youngsters… we’ll see you in a few years!

Members will have access to our chapter newsletters, interviews, ninja tips, specialized curriculum and more! We only have nine chapters left before we do a short freeze.  (We may reopen enrollment in a few months.). If you’re interested in learning more – message me today or complete the form below.   E-mail: 




Welcome our first Chapter leader!


BJJ brown belt Mike Pastor will be leading the Colorado chapter for BJJAfter40.  We are very excited to have Mike on board.  He’s an excellent brown belt with a wealth of experience both in the martial arts and fitness field.  Listen in on our interview below.  You’ll get to learn more about Mike and his experiences traveling the world in future interviews.

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