Disrupt the Flow and Try something new!

Here’s today’s mission if you choose to accept it:  Get outside your comfort zone!  Be willing to change it up today when you hit the mats. For example play a position you don’t normally play…”handicap” yourself in various positions….if you’re rolling with an under belt you only defend your guard with your legs and so on.  By trying new things – even things that make you very uncomfortable, you will create new pathways and patterns in your brain.  When you grapple there is a certain rhythm to the match. When that rhythm unexpectantly changes it can create anxiety, stress, discomfort, etc… These emotional states can interfere with your timing, decision making and so on.  By intentionally creating these scenerios you begin to better deal with them in the future.  In addition, you will be open to new pathways and positions that weren’t even in your wheelhouse.



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