Optimal Learning for After 40

I've never thought I was good at learning moves. In fact, over the years I have often described my process as a "slow learner". It takes me a minute (or often much longer) for my brain to process the information. It probably didn't help that throughout my childhood I was in "special ed" classes in... Continue Reading →

I Love Triangles! DO YOU?

I truly Love the Triangle Choke! You could argue that I'm built for triangles: Long, lanky and flexible. But does that mean that shorter legged people cannot effectively do triangles? I have been practicing and teaching BJJ since 1996. In that time I have developed my own game to encompass triangle attacks from every imaginable... Continue Reading →

ROL Radio Podcast Interview

In this interview with the guys at ROL Radio we talk about a variety of great topics... with a few laughs too! Listen in as I discuss my crazy, winding journey to black belt. My thirteen years at brown belt... my opinion on the importance of the BJJ ranking system and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Grab... Continue Reading →

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