What are the ‘Best Practices’ for After 40 BJJer’s

Through my 27 years of practicing BJJ I have literally seen it all. From injuries, to people quitting – restarting – and quitting again… I have seen just about everything. With experience comes great lessons. For example: How to train injury and pain-free, how to develop flexibility, how to move – navigate and control younger, wiry partners? To survive as a 40, 50, 60-plus grappler you need a system of attacks that make sense. In my newest course from BJJ Fanatics I give you all the tools you’ll ever need! Nearly three hours of instruction is packed into four awesome volumes! This includes attacks and counters from guard, side, North / South, mount and back. I’ve included solo and partner drills to expedite the learning process. You will become an expert at movement, control and navigation. This will allow you to completely isolate and control any partner.

From BJJ Fanatics: Keep Improving And Even Dominating After 40 With BJJ Guru & Black Belt Mike Bidwell’s Guide To Techniques And Strategies From All Positions For Older Grapplers To Use With Huge Success 

  • Mike Bidwell is an instructor who specializes in helping older grapplers, so this is a great chance to learn from someone who is showing moves with you in mind
  • Use techniques that are designed for older grapplers, including guard passes, sweeps, submissions from dominant positions, and more
  • Break down opponents with slow and steady control from top with Mike’s introduction to his Flight of the Navigator concept, and see how to start working for offense from mount, side control, and more
  • Improve your guard passing with Mike’s cyclical guard passing, including demonstrations on how you can work on this using solo or partner drills
  • Work from your back and attack sweeps and submissions using Mike’s lapel guards – including seeing why using the lapel can be so helpful as you age                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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