“Are you a Stinky BJJ Guy?”Hygiene for BJJ & Grappling!

It’s important to keep it clean while practicing BJJ. It’s a body to body, contact sport. Cleanliness isn’t just a personal thing, it’s a community thing. It affects everyone on the mat. Skin infections are no joke and can be very serious.

But aside from that, you don’t want to be known as “stinky guy”. It’s even possible that YOU’RE STINKY GUY and you don’t even know it!

Here’s my top hygiene tips. You have to start from head to toe with cleanliness. This means clean hair, fresh breath (always have mouth wash handy or mints for class – no gum). I always take a shower before I teach or train. Wash your entire body, as everything is shared in grappling. YES! This includes your “private” areas too. In BJJ everything private is public when you’re rolling, so keep it extra clean!

GYM BAG ‘Must Haves’:

  1. Mouth wash, mints for fresh breath.
  2. Disinfectant wipes. It’s a good idea to do a quick wipe down after training if you can’t get to a shower immediately. Always wear clean flip flops or disinfect your feet after bathroom uses.
  3. Clean Gi – NEVER train multiples times (even twice) with the same unwashed gi. Pack a few dryer sheets inside your gi in the gym bag so it always smells extra nice.
  4. Deodorize – Put on some fresh deodorant before you train. A body spray is super handy right before you train as well. I like Manscapes products as they are vegan and use dye-free formulas… and they’re just great products. Plus they make products to deodorize your let’s say, your “private areas”.
  5. Clean towel – If you’re a heavy sweater you should keep a small towel nearby to wipe down between rounds.
  6. Dry over shirt – If you’re going straight home after training without a shower at the gym – remove your wet rash guard and throw on a clean shirt before getting in your car. (you don’t want your vehicle to be “stinky car”)

Check out our sponsor Manscape for the highest quality hygiene products. Use code BJJ20 for a 20% discount.

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