Top Five Memory Hacks for BJJ After 40

Listen in as we discuss our Top Five memory hacks for BJJ After 40. Be sure to Subscribe to our BJJAfter40 channel on YouTube for the latest content as it’s released.

Have you heard about the Exciting NEW BJJ After 40 Course available exclusively on BJJ Fanatics.? It’s the single best instructional I have released to date. It covers all the tools you need as a 40+ BJJ practitioner.

Why fight when You Can: CONTROL & SUBMIT!

Master The Gentle Art Without Being Too Hard On Your Body With BJJ Black Belt & Renowned Instructor Mike Bidwell’s Guide To Grappling Over 40

  • Mike Bidwell is an instructor who specializes in helping older grapplers, so this is a great chance to learn from someone who is showing moves with you in mind
  • Use techniques that are designed for older grapplers, including a system for attacking with the lapel from side control that will help you slow things down and pick apart your opponents
  • Mike teaches you about how to DRILL on the mat as an older grappler so that you can maximize your training and improvement
  • Learn why the lapel control is perfect for older grapplers, as Mike shows you tons of effective and innovative submission attacks you can really use
  • Start hitting more chokes from side control, including the X choke, the inquisitor choke, the garrote, and more
  • Use different kinds of lapel controls for maximum effect, including the ninja lapel series that Mike has specialized in                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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