Tammi Musumeci previews BJJ After 40 course

Super honored and humbled to have the legendary Tammi Musumeci speak about my recent course on BJJ Fanatics. I have personally been following both Tammi and Mikey for years. They are incredible practitioners with a great, positive mind-set.

Read Tammi’s impressive bio below. She’s a pretty incredible person whose life sounds more like a Marvel Super hero. Tammi is a lawyer by day and BJJ black belt by night who still competes at the very highest level. (successfully too)

Tammi Musumeci Biography

Tammi Musumeci was born in Marlboro, New Jersey in 1994. She started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the age of 6, inside New Jersey’s “Fatjo’s Mixed Martial Arts”, where Mr. Fatjo ran the children’s program, there setting the same standard as the adults’ classes, requiring discipline, respect, dedication and commitment from his younger pupils. All elements that were instilled in Tammi from an early age.

Throughout her childhood, Tammi tried a variety of different sports, such a football (soccer), basketball and softball, but never kept at these athletic endeavors and always stuck with Jiu-Jitsu.

Succeeding at sports is not often associated with a thriving academic life, but Tammi Musumeci was an exceptional teenager. All throughout high school, she was involved in various clubs and societies, to earn extra credits. Because community service hours were so important, she also volunteered at various places such as libraries and hospitals.

In addition to all this effort, throughout high school Tammi took intensive SAT classes as well as AP class work, taking at least four-hour long SATS. With such an intense school life, it’s incredible to conceive how far Tammi progressed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at such a young age. She mentioned to Gracie Magazine that “I have also found an interesting relationship between jiu-jitsu and school: Jiu-jitsu helped me unwind from the ever-present pressures of school. Even during my most stressful times, I always made sure to work out really hard, eat healthily, and get in some training sessions.”

After choosing to attend the Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Tammi Musumeci trained at several different academies and teams around the Florida area, always seeking to get the best training possible out of her busy schedule, though her main coach was always regarded as Emyr ‘Shark’ Bussade of American Top Team.

Being a multiple times world champion (won the tournament in every lower belt) and with three Pan American titles (two at purple belt and one at brown), it did not come as a surprise to many when, on August 2013, Tammi received her black belt. The black belt was awarded by Moacir ‘Boca’ Oliveira at Javill Byron’s academy, though commissioned by Emyr Bussade.

During her first few months as a black belt, Tammi won the World No-Gi Championship. Keeping her focus she did the same early in 2014 at the Pan American Championship, with tremendous performances. At the World Championship on June 2014, Tammi almost did the unthinkable, winning a world championship at 19 years of age.

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