I Love Triangles! DO YOU?

I truly Love the Triangle Choke!

You could argue that I’m built for triangles: Long, lanky and flexible. But does that mean that shorter legged people cannot effectively do triangles?

I have been practicing and teaching BJJ since 1996. In that time I have developed my own game to encompass triangle attacks from every imaginable position.I have also worked hard to develop a game that will work for everyone. (Short legged people too!).

Even if you cannot fully lock a triangle – I have a path for you.

In this latest instructional (my first triangle video) I pour my whole triangle game into it.

In part 1, “Guard Attacks” (of 3), you’ll dig deep into my guard attack system…

This includes: Spider guard, spider / lasso guard, half spider, inside / outside / bi-lateral knee shields, the power of the over-hook (plus modified versions), unique joint submissions and more.

Everything is translatable for BOTH Gi and No-Gi…

If you’re short legged… this is the triangle video for you!

My hope with releasing this instructional is that everyone can experience the same joy I do when I look someone directly in the face and smile as I squeeze a tight triangle! Available now for a special limited price of $35 GO TO: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ilovetriangles

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