Knees Over Toes Review

The story of my knees begins when I was 12 years old. I had played sports for my entire youth and started Martial Arts around the same time. I began developing knee pain and was told by several doctors not to pursue Martial Arts. Of course I didn’t listen and have now been practicing for forty years. In my early 40’s (I’m 52 now) my knee pain and mobility had begun to worsen.

Improving my flexibility and range of motion of my hips has helped. But in the past two years I had a few bad falls skateboarding which compromised the integrity of my knees. I also had two severe MCL sprains and dislocation. So when one of my students told me about the “Knees over toes” program I immediately looked into it. After diving deep down that rabbit hole I realized it was worth a shot. I signed up for the program (it’s $50 / month). You sign up for the program online and it works through an app you download. The app provides you with a daily workout that requires no real equipment or even a lot of space. I only bought a slant board for $30 on Amazon. Other than that… it was all I really needed.

The exercises work great if you are starting with limited mobility. The best part of the program is that you have your own coach. Your personal coach is available through a message program in the app. You can send them videos of your form (also in the app). My coach has always responded within 24 hours and often times that day. We have even texted in real time. The ability to have an actual coach makes the program really stand out for me. The small tweaks in form they provide and coaching is essential. The program itself is pretty amazing because it allows you to add strength in ways that were impossible for me in the past. I was definitely thinking there had to be some kind of upgrade or up sell… there’s not. The program is $50 / month and there’s no other fees. You follow the program 5 days per week with weekends off.

If you are consistent and follow it to the “T’ it really works! Like anything you have to do the work. Some of the exercises were tougher than others… and some I thought I would never do. But little by little I am doing them all with phenomenal results. One of the most interesting parts of the program (which I have grown to love) is the daily 10 minutes walking backwards. This alone will change your life! Backwards walking may look strange but it works. You have no strain on the knees but get all the benefits of mobility and strength building. If you could take anything away from this post: START WALKING BACKWARDS TODAY!

Results: Over the past two years the only real exercise I have been able to do is upper body and Jiu-Jitsu training. The BJJ training allows me to work around my knees to a certain degree, but I have had issues with pain management post training. It is also worth noting that I have worn knee braces for my ENTIRE life. (I had even switched to the Bauerfeind $200 high level knee braces for extra support) After four months in the program I am now able to go 100% KNEE BRACE FREE! Even when I am grappling, playing basketball, climbing stairs, holding twin babies LOL…. I’ve never been without knee braces. I give this program my highest recommendation – It’s not just game changing …it’s truly life changing! The Knees over toes YouTube channel and Instagram page have a ton of free content. Dive into it and see what you think!

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