Leg Trapping and Entanglements

Jiu-JItsu is truly the art of entanglement. The legs are the longest limbs with three solid attack areas (hips / knees /ankles). But understanding how to trap and isolate is the key to success. In my latest instructional I cover in great detail how to control and lock the legs into an inescapable position. When I stumbled upon ninja araña I was blown away. I was rolling with a student and locked them into the position. At first I wasn’t;t even sure what I did… so I did it again…and again. Then it became my obsession for weeks! How can I get this position from everywhere? After months of tinkering… this is it.

Welcome to the ninja araña, Leg Trapping System! In this course we unlock all the details on the amazing leg attack system. This is a “secret” project that I have been developing for quite some time. I’ve had MORE SUCCESS with this trap than ANYTHING I’ve ever done. I’ve put it through the “ringer” with my students and training partners…Only to discover how unstoppable this position really is. You’ll learn how to successfully set up the ninja araña trap. This includes sweeps, transitions and of course lethal leg submissions! We simplify this complicated position with excellent detailed explanations that anyone can follow.

Take you leg attack game to the next level! You (and your partners) will quickly realize that there’s ONLY one escape from ninja araña – TO TAP!

Available now only $19.99. Includes two bonus Stretching Tutorials!

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