Baseball Chokes Everywhere!

The Baseball choke is a huge part of my game. In the past I would use it as a secret, “Hail Mary” technique. I could always catch someone once… but not always the second time. After I would get them once, they would be aware of my shenanigans. But over time I have deepened my practice of this technique. I have added new set ups, attack sequences and additional layers to make it difficult to stop when I turn it on. I have collar baseball chokes… tail baseball chokes… and a ton of no-gi versions. In addition, I have developed attacks from every imaginable position. Why all the attention to this somewhat obscure choke. First off, they almost NEVER see it coming. Which is tru ninja status. Often times you “give up” position to finish it. But that’s a bit of a misnomer too. The difference is that it’s not a stagnant choke. The RNC for example is done from the back with no additional movement added. It’s essentially a stagnant choke. No real movement… just a tight (and often effective) squeeze. The power of the baseball choke is two things: the surprise attack and the added movement when applied. It’s NOT a stagnant choke. In fact, when you finish you “give up” position so you can move your hips to the floor. This gives it a tremendous amount of leverage. The floor (or earth) isn’t moving… Therefore you can maximize leverage. In my newest instruction, “Fully Loaded: Complete Gi & No-Gi Baseball Chokes”. Check out the videos below for some great examples of my no-gi versions. The instructional is filled with 17 chapters, split between Gi (tail / lapel), and no-gi (multiple positions) and Gi / No-Gi standing baseball chokes too! It also includes a gripping workout and bonus materials. Digital Download is available at:

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