Lapel Hell Resurrected!

We have resurrected LAPEL HELL with all new added chapters and submissions! I selected six additional chapters from The Leg Strangler and Adaptable Jiu-Jitsu and added them to this already amazing instructional. You get 15 choke-filled chapters for just $35. All lapel and Collar chokes! Propel your lapel game. Click here for more details.

Welcome to Lapel Hell… where all your choking dreams come true! In the latest instructional from the Spider Ninja you’ll dive deep into the world of Jiu-Jitsu lapel chokes. This full length series covers lapel chokes using your own gi tails (lapels) and both of your partners lapels as the ultimate set of weapons. In ni nine complete chapters you’ll get detailed instruction… with set ups, counters and attack after attack. The moves all work in succession making it easy to “plug” them into your personal Jiu-Jitsu game. 

Become the most lethal ninja on the mats when you unleash these new tools. Lapel Hell has nine total chapters – with a full review video of each move. (including multiple angles, close ups, on-screen instructions… and MORE!) These are ALL NEW NEVER before seen Spider Ninja creations. Easy to apply – No Super Powers needed – great for all levels. Over an hour of detailed – fully spoken instructional techniques, moves and attacks! Click here to learn more.

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