The Ultimate Leg Attack system!


What is the Ultimate tool for submitting?  The legs of course.  It’s your longest, strongest set of weapons! With leg engaging attacks most people face a few challenges.  First off, it takes time to develop leg coordination, accuracy and timing.  In most cases, you are  simply limited to the triangle choke.  In my latest instructional I take on this very challenge.  How to effectively build a leg strangulation attack system… and how to create a multitude of options from every available position imaginable!  (Yes, I show some very unique triangle attacks, BUT we go much deeper down the rabbit hole) I think I was very successful in creating a ton of options for ALL skill levels.  If you’re a beginner don’t let the “advanced” moves intimidate you.  I Start ALL my beginners on this material from day one.  WHY?  So they can build the framework NOW… not at some arbitrary time in the future.

What I’ve observed  is “beginners” that move and attack like purple belts!  It’s a pretty amazing thing to see people with one, two and three stripes on a white belt doing stuff I couldn’t do until brown belt.  I am a big proponent of creating solid frameworks early in the journey.  It’s like building a house.  You construct it literally, from the ground up. I teach Jiu-Jitsu in very much the same way.  It’s like that old saying, ”
If you give a man a fish they eat for a day…”  If you teach a person an arm-bar, they have one move for one day, if you give them the framework – they have everything!  The lesson here is you only face complication but once… through time complication becomes simplicity to you… but still impossible for others who cannot understand it.

Embrace the ultimate set of weapons the legs and become the most dangerous ninja on the mats!  Happy training and get ready for the LEG STRANGLER – ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY…

Look for the LEG STRANGLER instructional coming soon!

Get the entire trilogy:


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