Jiu-Jitsu Talk: “What if you suck at the thing you love?”

“What if I suck at the thing I love?”

This was a question from a subscriber on my YouTube site.  We’ve all felt like we are terrible at BJJ at some point.  It’s part of being a beginner and frankly it really never goes away.  For me it’s what inspires and motivates me.  The realization I don’t know everything… haven’t mastered everything… and the journey is infinite.  These are important point to drive home.  Jiu-Jitsu CANNOT be mastered.  In this reality…. mastery is an illusion.  You can point to the North Star, but you can’t touch it.  It doesn’t mean you don’t point yourself in that direction… No you keep striving for excellence…. It’s a journey not a destination.

Listen in as I discuss this interesting topic.  Grab a warm (or cold) drink, a writing instrument and some good old fashioned paper!  Happy listening and happier training.

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