More Neck Attacks!



More great entries with the HeadLopper Choke!  I show a new version of a turtle set up along with a nice standing version as well.  This choke is very sneaky and very effective.  But like any technique you have to earn your way to “judgement”.  Often times we watch a move on video and quickly decide if we think it will work and / or how it fits into our game.  I start with an open mind.  Then I’ll take my time constructing and deconstructing it.  I will play and tinker with it… see how it plays out while rolling… get feedback from partners… show it to lots of people…I will make mental notes and adaptations along the way… always keeping an open mind.

Always start with an open mind.  Good luck and happy drilling!

Look for more HeadLopper attacks, Chokes, limb attacks and more in the HEADHUNTER and BONEBREAKER Instructionals.  Now available as a DVD set or Digital Download!

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