The HeadLopper Choke: Does it work? Watch video and decide?


The Headlopper Choke, also known as the “No-Gi baseball choke”(which isn’t really a name… it’s more like a description).  Let’s stick with the “HeadLopper”… it’s a much cooler name.  Most people show the baseball choke with the hands locked at the palms. (think Gable grip)  I show it with the fingers extended – It’s NOT a trachea choke.  It’s a blood choke.  Check out the video below sent to me by a fan.  Easy entry and easy finish!  Does it work?  You decide.  Not by watching this video… but by going and figuring it out for yourself and see how it works into your game.

I cover this little gem in great detail in the HEADHUNTER instructional.

By the way, the name HeadLopper is based on one of my favorite comics.


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