BJJ Hair Care: How to train Jiu-Jitsu with long hair

Top 15 Do’s and Don’ts to keep healthy hair for any Athlete


As a Ninja the last thing you want to worry about is your mane getting in the way of your moves. It’s time to get schooled in the basics of how to handle having long hair while training Jiu-Jitsu. Check out these simple steps to creating and keeping a righteous head of hair. Make sure to subscribe to all social media outlets for exclusive content on all things martial arts @BJJAfter40 and share your long hair experiences! 

1.) Do Keep your Hair Clean 

Showering after every training session is ideal but can cause major dryness. When needed skip a day by wetting your hair and massaging your scalp to rid your head of any dirt or debris. It’s a simple way to get your natural oils spread around all of your hair, instead of sticking to only one spot on your scalp. 


2.) Do Use Natural shampoo 

Plant based products not only help you be a homie to the Earth but also gently nourish your hair follicles creating warrior strong strands that are shiny without being greasy. Opt for shampoo without harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or other harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde.

 3.) Do Switch it up 

Try using a conditioner first as a mask, then shampoo, then a clarifying conditioner again. This trifecta is top notch at nourishing your hair and leaving it ready for any daily battles. 

4.) Don’t use a towel to dry your hair 

No towel? No problem! Avoid frizz and roughing up your roots by using a t-shirt to dry your hair. 

5.) Don’t burn your hair with the Blow Dryer. 

Keep your setting on ‘warm’ and don’t put hair directly against the nozzle. Or better yet, skip the heat all together and let your lettuce air dry.  

6.) Do Keep a hair care kit in your gym bag

Include a brush, hair ties, and any additional styling products. After training a hat can be a quick, easy way to move on with your day in serious style. You can even make your own dry shampoo to apply pre-workout.

7.) Do comb your hair immediately after training

Easily remove any unwanted sweat and salt from your hair by combing it out. Don’t wait! 


8.) Do eat nutritious whole foods

Start from the inside out by consuming a diet that will work for you on and off the mats. Vitamin C, Iron, essential fatty acids and biotin will provide healthy hair follicles that are strong enough to endure whatever workout you give it. OSS! 

 9.) Do call for reinforcements with a hair serum. 

Help combat your hair getting stripped of its natural oils, tangling, and outright nastiness by adding a serum to your regular routine. Your hair will look and smell stellar! 



10.) Do Hang loose 

Don’t make it a contest to see how tightly wound or packed you can make your hair. Minimize  destruction to the roots and any breakage by tying your hair back with soft materials with stretch. 

11.) Do let the pros handle it

Up your game by getting split ends trimmed every few months to help hair look healthy and thick. Avoiding this will lead to damaging the hair up to your roots leaving your hair feeling frizzy and thin. 

12.) Do buy Hair ties for Guys….and don’t be surprised when your girl takes them! 

Invest in products that not only look great but will get the job done and maintain their shape for years! Save big time with these hair accessories meant to be put through the ringer. Ditch the cheap elastics and go for a gentler band. With all the different styles you can guarantee you’ll get the attention of all the ladies – but don’t give them up without a fight! 


13.) Do Mix up how you hold your hair back 

Repeatedly wrapping your hair in one way can cause damage to that specific section. Instead, try a top knot one day, the next a braid, after that a mix between a high and low pony.  

14. ) Do go beyond the mere hair tie 

Take it to the next level by venturing into headband land which will not only keep you looking fresh but will also keep sweat out of your face. 


15.) Don’t rip your hair out

Steer clear of any narly knots! If your hair is tied up, slowly, mindfully slide the band out from your hair. You can always ask a fellow long hair to help you in dire need.

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