Finding Your Flow!


I recently did an interview with my friends the Long Hairs.  They run a fraternal organization for men with long hair.  I came across them a few years ago when I decided to grow my hair long.  I was looking for tips online on how to deal with long hair for men.  They have an amazing website and social media sites for men with long hair.  They offer an amazing product called “Hair ties for guys”. They are cool hair ties with cool designs for men.  They also last forever and don’t break like the drugstore black ties.  (I know… this is what you deal with when you have long hair. lol) They were on Shark Tank last season and scored a deal with Mark Cuban.  We tested the strength of these ties in a video below. We put them through some series ninja tactics. (see video).

We also collaborated together on this cool hair band with a “karate kid” style design.  It’s aptly named “The Flow Life” after yours truly.  They also created this really cool video telling my story. Why I grew my hair long and more,,, These head bands are ONLY available for a limited time only.  You can get a 15% off discount with the coupon code:  Theflowlifebjj

Read the blog and learn more by clicking here!


Learn why I grew my hair long… and my story!


In this video we put the ‘Hair Ties for Guys’ through a rigorous Ninja test!  Do they pass?  You decide!

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