Half Guard & Lock Down counter sequence

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 11.11.38 AM.png

In these two videos I show a few variations on countering half guard and lock down.  In the half guard I show a single hook with one leg pushing down on the calf.  This is a surprisingly great way to control someone from half.  You can use the position to create several really effective sweeps.  (I will post a video with those sweep options in the coming days).  In the video I make it look easy to counter that leg position using a leg pummeling sequence.  It’s not quite as easy as I make it look because my partner is not countering.  However it’s a great way to shut down that position.  I use that half guard position from the bottom to control and sweep.  I got a great sweep from this position while competing as a white belt in 1996.  It was the first sweep I ever hit.  I swept the guy, mounted him and arm barred him all in one transition.  (Again I’ll put some of those sweeps ups soon) My mindset is always to pick apart whatever I do.  If I have a sweep that’s working… then I figure out how I would counter my sweep.  It’s a healthy way to evolve your training.  The video below shows the leg pummeling (I’ll post the sweeps later)

In the video below I show a great leg attack sequence for the lock down position.  I don’t show how to break the upper body clinch (I will post an additional video later – that parts not that hard) I move into a roll towards the lock down position.  I control both of my partners legs as I cause them to rotate and into a heel hook.  Be careful drilling and training as heel hooks are very dangerous.  Over the years have gotten a few heel hooks and several toe holds while competing.  I have never had someone tap without getting hurt.  The foot popped EVERY single time.  That’s my warning :). Be sure it’s okay with your professor before trying these in your academy!  Happy training Ninjas

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