Taylor Pearman pulls off first ever Cryangle in the Euros!



BJJAfter40:  Let’s get this out of the way right now, what was it like getting the first cryangle choke in the Europeans? Taylor:  I knew when I hit it I’d be one of the few people too but I had no clue I was the first until after. It also got me a lot of exposure which was great.

Had you gone into the event knowing this or was it spontaneous? Completely spontaneous. Roberto was dominating the match up until that point so I just saw the opportunity and finished him.

What was your first exposure to the cryangle choke? What got you wanting to practice it? I believe I saw it first in one of your Facebook videos.  one of my team mates tagged me in it because of my long legs. I train a lot so I get bored of doing the same thing all the time, so when I saw this I had to learn and develop it.

It’s one thing to learn a move, another to get it against a high level resistant opponent.  Were you shocked, excited… what were you feeling when you sunk it in and he tapped?  Well I was down 8-2 with like 1 minute left or something like that so I was pretty happy ha ha. I know that I can submit anyone in my division though regardless if I’m winning or losing so I wasn’t shocked.

You’ve won a lot of stuff, what role does your mental / emotional (belief) mindset play into your success? Mindset is a huge part of anyone’s success I think. My mindset used to be just thinking about winning, that’s all I cared about. Now, I don’t really care if I win or lose. All I know is I’m going to go as hard as I can to try and win and if they beat me, good for them. Jiujitsu more than competitions and medals but I think people only realise this later on in their careers, I’m lucky to know it already.

How do you identify then address your weaknesses? And move past them, grow from them? NEVER BE AFRAID TO LOSE IN TRAINING. I see too many people who care about what happens in the gym. If you came to my gym you’d see me submitted all the time, it has to happen to help you grow. I can’t say this to people enough.

What’s your favorite submission? Do you have a next ‘big move’ today that you want to hit in competition? I don’t have a favorite ha ha. Whatever works on the day!

What are your long term plans for Jiu-Jitsu? To keep competing and teaching a lot whilst trying win as much as I can. Then move on to MMA.

Why Jiu-Jitsu and not something else? Because you get to strangle people and not get in trouble

Do you have any sponsors, events, tournaments, etc you want to talk about? I’d like to give a huge thank you to my sponsor Tatami Fightwear these guys help me a lot and I’m so grateful. My next tournament is worlds so I hope to see everyone there! Thanks again Mike for the opportunity.


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