Remember who the ‘real’ competition is…


Remember the real competition is the person staring back in the mirror.  It’s okay to go hard and have tough rolls.  But remember why you started in the first place (I doubt that it had much to do with beating other purple belts)…  If you base your progress on how you did in your last grappling match, you’re going to have a very “bi-polar” experience.  Because one day you will do well and the next day may be much more challenging.  Some days everything will feel like it’s 100% on par and you can’t be stopped and the next may be the complete opposite.  Why is this so?  Sometimes it might just be your day and sometimes it might be someone else’s day.  In fact, it may not be that you’re getting worse… but rather your training partner may be having their own break through day.  So don’t get too caught up in whether you think you’re “losing” or “winning”.  If you’re learning, then you’re winning!  Happy training Ninjas!

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