2017 Origin Immersion Camp Review

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2012 was an interesting year for me. If you haven’t heard my story… I was a BJJ brown belt for 13 years!  You read that right… 13 years.  In 2012 I got really tired of being out of shape, depressed and injured. I made some radical changes in my diet (went to a completely plant based diet) lost over 50 pounds and made my two year run for black belt.  It was also an intriguing year because I read an article in Jiu-Jitsu magazine about the first Origin Immersion Camp.  I showed my wife the article and confided in her that my dream was teach at that camp when I’m a black belt.  I ended up receiving my black belt in 2014.  In 2015 I was offered an instructors sponsorship with Origin… and just last week I had the honor of teaching at the 2017 Origin Immersion Camp!

The camp is held every Summer in beautiful Maine at Echo Lake.  Myself and Chris (AKA “Uke Suave”) made the eight hour drive to Maine for an intensive week of training, canoeing, swimming and eating lobster (no lobster for me and my vegan diet!).  The camp featured a line up of great instructors including myself, ATT Black Belt Rafael Rebello, Andre “Dedeco” Almeida, DelaRiva black belt Alexey Cruz, Mario Esfiha, Origin co-owner Pete Roberts and Navy Seal legend, BJJ black belt  and popular podcaster Jocko Willink.





Each day campers participated in morning, afternoon and evening BJJ sessions featuring techniques, drills and question and answer sessions.  In between training there was plenty of swimming, canoeing, hiking or just lounging by the beach and letting all the great training and view sink in.
The event also featured the grand opening of Origin’s new Farmington, Maine factory. For the full story click here!




The camp was a blast.  It was an honor to share the mats with these amazing instructors, students and friends.  I learned so much that it will take days and months to process everything.  The greatest value for me was the momentum and the slingshot effect this can have on ones life.  I look forward to next year’s event and I hope to see you there too!







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