Tips for a Happy, Healthy, Hygienic Jiu-Jitsu Experience!

Grappling, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling are all close proximity activities and all face the similar challenges with skin infections.  Ring worm, impetigo and staph / MRSA can range from very annoying to very serious and should be dealt with as such.  If you have something on your skin that doesn’t usually reside there…cover and treat it right away.  Don’t listen to the locker room guy or girl who may tell you to throw bleach on it and cover it.  If you have open wounds (healing tattoos, cuts , sores, etc.) keep them completely covered while training.  Additional tips:  clean and disinfect all striking gear every time you train (gloves, shin pads, head gear, mouth pieces).  Avoid training with anyone with a open wound or open sore.  Don’t tolerate a dirty training area — let a staff member know if the school seems really dirty.  A good, clean school will be mopped and disinfected daily.

If we missed any tips below, please comment and share… We love to hear from you.  Happy training Ninjas!  Be sure to visit our sponsor Origin for the highest quality, custom fitted kimonos and training gear.


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