Types of People who train BJJ


As you train more and more you will notice a cast of characters who attend open mats. Don’t be these guys (or girls)! (This is all in humor)

The Commentator – You know the guy who won’t stop talking the entire time you are grappling. Sometimes the commentator will talk about the weather, vacations and other random stuff. Other times they will literally comment on every move you make. “Wow that was so cool, how’d you do that?”

Seminar Guy – You know this guy right? You’re grappling and you pass his guard and slip into tight side control…you move to the mount and quickly transition to a tight arm-bar…it’s on and you’re elevating your hips getting ready for your reward – the tap out! But then you hear him proclaim: “Lift your hips higher..you’re almost there…WAIT STOP! Let me show you what you’re doing wrong!” Then begins the private seminar that he is graciously teaching you on how to properly apply an arm-bar because clearly you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t be seminar-guy…just accept tapping out. In the long run you’ll be better because of it.

Mundial Guy or Girl – The mudials or the World BJJ Championships happen once per year in May. For mundial-guy it happens every open mat! Be very careful of this feisty fellow. He’s the guy who thinks that every single open mat is a chance for him to display his world class grappling abilities. This guy will come at you 150% in hopes of taking home the glory. I’m not sure what the “glory” of open mat is? Regardless, be careful of mundial-guy he goes very fast and very hard! Mundial-guy is known to a post the “un-official / unbiased” open mat results on Facebook.

The Vulture – Often referred to as “vulturing”. You’re grappling round after round with little or no break and you see the vulture sitting out round after round. He makes his way to you and circles you (vulturing) as you’re grappling…watching…waiting..studying you. After 2 to 3 rounds of resting he will finally approach you to grapple. He will go 150% – be ready!

Let’s go light guy – This guy will try to trick you – be careful. Be ready before you slap hands he will tell you that he’s injured and wants to go light. Don’t believe him – it’s a ruse! The second you bump fists he will jump on you at full speed – you’ve been warned!

No Gi Guy – He’s easy to spot. Look for the only guy or girl in the gi open mat without a gi on. He will tell you that he will not grab your gi when you grapple him – false! It is the first thing he will do. No gi guy has been known to grab rash guards and shorts too. He may even attempt a choke using your rash guard or tee shirt.

Don’t join the tea party! Most open mats will have a handful of students sitting on the wall watching and hanging out. It’s okay to watch but it’s not okay to not train. Remember, you are there to learn! The real lessons happen grappling on the mat NOT sitting on the wall…  Now go and train – Happy Training Ninjas!  Be sure to visit our sponsor Origin for the best Gi’s, Gear and Apparel!  All made in the USA! 


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