The Deadly Cryangle Choke (the one they’ll never forget)!












The cryangle choke has been years in the making for me.  I’m a tall, thin guy so for me, triangles were a very natural development in my game.  I used to always joke that I “only see triangles”.  Of course nowadays I try to be open to every submission and every reality.  But when I was developing my triangle game I was always intently in search of a triangle (regardless of the position I was in).  As a natural “tinkerer” I always wondered and played with the idea of instead of the arm, what if I used the leg inside of the triangle?  Then eventually I even included the arm along with the legs, as my long legs and flexibility afforded me the opportunity to include them all!  I love this submission because it offers several attacks:  a choke, a leg-lock and an arm-bar – all simultaneously.  Thus the name, the “cryangle choke” an obvious riff on the triangle choke – except this one will make your partner cry!

Check out BJJ brown belt Jeremy Hastings hitting a cryangle in competition recently in the Fight 2 Win Pro-18 event in Colorado.






























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