Drilling in Four Easy Steps!


All right ninjas here’s a slew of great guard attacks that all connect one to the next creating a continuous flow.  Each technique is designed as a counter to “whatever” my partner gives me.  This mindset allows me to stay calm, focused and in a state of “flow” throughout the roll….versus meeting resistance with more resistance or worse confusion.  I would recommend drilling these moves in several ways:

  1.  Watch the videos and mentally rehearse the moves so that you create anchors and pathways in your brain.  This way when you go to physically drill them you will already have them mentally available to you.
  2. Physically drill the moves on a non-resistant partner.  In this mode you are just trying to translate  the mental pathways you have created into physical movements. Once you feel like you are performing the moves clean and precisely, you will move to step 3.
  3. Drill with resistance and roadblocks.  In this mode you will start with your partner in your guard.  As you set up for your sweep, your partners job is to create various roadblocks.  For example:  you sit up to sweep and they stuff your sweep so you transition to the over-hook from your back and so on.
  4. Randori – Now that you’ve spent some time rehearsing and practicing your counter submissions you will want to put them to the test.  The best way to “test” them is against someone who offers resistance but you don’t have to completely sacrifice your own sense of well-being.  For example:  if you’re a purple belt you can test new moves on a blue belt.  This gives you the opportunity to tweak and play with the moves without paying a steep price for an error.  Be more on staying in the flow… sure to check out Flow-Jitsu today!

To practice any art, no  matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  So do it! -Kurt Vonnegut 



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