“The Octopus Choke” & Don’t Forget to Stretch!



This is one of my favorite chokes of all time…The Octopus Choke!  It’s very sneaky, quick and your limbs (arms AND legs) become tentacles.  You do have to have some flexibility…but you don’t need to be gumby. But if you’re not flexible, then I challenge you to start stretching more.  I know what you’re saying already…“But I’m not flexible…”  “It’s a genetic thing…”   As if the doctor or midwife were like, “Ma’am I have some bad news, your baby appears to be inflexible and is destined to a life of tight limbs!”  People always comment on how flexible I am…and how lucky I am to be so flexible.  (as if luck had anything to do with it)  So you think you were born inflexible?  (me too) Seriously though we are not born inflexible anymore than someone is a ‘born loser’.  Yes some people may be more naturally flexible than others.  But in my experience if you ‘dig enough’ you’ll find that these “naturally” flexible people all have one thing in common…they stretch.  I’m not saying you need to stretch all day every day.  But what would happen to your training if you decided to take 20 minutes every day and just did a mindful stretch?  My guess is that you would improve flexibility, reduce injury, recover quicker and have more tools at your BJJ disposal.  I love to take short 20-minute stretches and more often longer marathon stretches that can last up to an hour or more.  Play around with this choke in the different iterations that I present here.  But more importantly, start making stretching a part of your daily ritual.  Remember, the harder you work the luckier you get (on and off the mats).

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