Flow-Jitsu is HERE!!! (Video sample and 20% off code)


















A message from Nic Gregoriades, founder of the Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood and author of “The Black Belt Blueprint”.

You know already how excited I am to have collaborated with Mike Bidwell from BJJ After 40 on his new instructional video Flow-Jitsu.

We’re offering a special discount for JJB subscribers – for the next 3 days ONLY you can get the entire Flow-Jitsu series for a 20% discount!

Just click here and use code FLOW20 when you checkout.

Mike is among the best instructors I’ve met and this is a great opportunity to quickly and easily learn new techniques and principles to improve your mat skills.

Flow-Jitsu features 10 video modules where you’ll learn:

How to effectively chain sweeps & set ups (Most do it wrong – here’s how to do it right)

A detailed breakdown of Mike’s patented “ninja-roll” choke

How to integrate a smooth, flowing style into your game – even if your Jiu Jitsu is clunkier than a wooden horse right now

A sneaky wrist-lock technique guaranteed to bamboozle your partner on the mat

Effective counter submissions from the mount position that are perfect for both gi and no-gi jiu jitsu
Kimura Sweep Counters | Flow Jitsu
Check out a preview of Module 3 here!
Here’s what to do now:

1) Go to: https://jjbgear.com/collections/bjj-books-and-videos/products/flow-jitsu-digital-download

2) Click the “Add to Cart” button

3) Enter the code FLOW20 at checkout to SAVE 20%

Soon you’ll be enjoying Flow-Jitsu – and then killing it on the mat with your smooth new skills.

Take care and train hard,


P.S. Remember, you have until 12AM midnight on Friday 29th of July to take advantage of this special offer! Click here and enter code FLOW20 at checkout to save 20%!


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