5 Tips for Creating Positive Momentum On & Off the Mats!


























I hope everyone is having a great week on the mats.  Remember, everything that you feel when you’re training…everyone else has felt at one time or another too!  We just don’t always feel the same way on the same days.  You might have a day where nothing seems like it’s working on the mats except maybe your tapping hand.  You might start questioning yourself and your skills and think maybe you’re getting worse…and why even bother?  Relax, take a deep breathe.  Maybe…just maybe it wasn’t you at all and your partner was just having a spectacular day?  Or maybe you’re having a “bad day” or week on the mats.  So what!  When you attempt to measure your success on the mats (which is very subjective and hard to do) always base it on your former self…not your teammates friends and instructors!  If you were to grapple yourself  months ago…a year ago, etc. how would you do?  If you’re doing the right things, you would probably kill your old self.

But if you’re not progressing then maybe it’s time to shift gears and generate some positive momentum.  How do you create new momentum?  Just like a good sweep or takedown you start by moving!  Momentum demands movement.  If you want to make positive changes then maybe you have to point yourself in a new direction.

Tips for creating positive momentum:

  1.  Schedule a private lesson – Set a time with your professor to evaluate your grappling.  This one-on-one time will be invaluable to helping you achieve your goals and set new goals.
  2. Diet / Sleep – “If you piss in your gas tank your car will run like crap…doesn’t matter what kind of car it is!”  If you treat your vessel (your body) like crap off the mats, you’ll feel like crap on the mats.  If you want to achieve maximum results on the mats you need to address your “off the mats” habits and rituals.  That means no smoking cigarettes, avoiding over consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep, and poor dietary habits.  When you begin to address your entire lifestyle you will begin to see radical changes.
  3. Recovery – You have to give your body the proper rest and recovery in between hard BJJ sessions.  That means getting a full nights sleep, daily stretching rituals, meditation (mental reps).
  4. Taking Notes / journaling – Taking notes after / during classes will help you retain information and important details while building new neural pathways in your brain.  In addition, you can go back and review old information at any time…especially when you hit a bump in the road.
  5. Mental Attitude – Jiu-Jitsu is hard enough, don’t make it worse by beating yourself up mentally!  Understand where you are at any given time and no where you are headed!  If you’re a beginner, embrace being a beginner.  You’re not supposed to have the answers and you may not even know the right questions to ask yet and that’s okay.  Students (lower belt ranks) coming up behind you are a greater reminder of where you’ve been.  While more advanced students can serve as an inspiration for what you can attain.  Remember, it’s the person in the mirror that is the ‘real competition’.  By striving to be a little better each time we enter the mats we ultimately serve our higher self.

Stay the course Ninjas – Good Luck and Happy Training!  Be sure to visit our dope sponsor Origin BJJ for the dopest gi’s, gear and apparel!

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