Creative leg Locks (and more)

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I hope everyone is having some great training so far this week!  Remember, that true progress is measured against the person you were yesterday…NOT the person standing before you today!  If you grappled yourself six months ago…a year ago….how would you fair?  If you’ve been progressing (even slowly) you would beat your former self.  You know more…you’ve learned from past victories and failures…you’ve adapted and hopefully evolved.   So don’t beat yourself up if your rolls aren’t where you want them to be (BJJ is hard enough).  Learn – apply the lessons and evolve!

Here’s three very different approaches to leg-lock counters and foot-locks.  Have fun and as always, Happy Training!  Be sure to visit our sponsor Origin for the best in gi’s, gear and apparel!  The best constructed and fitted gi’s in the business.



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