Tips for Dealing with Sore BJJ Fingers & “Finger Master” Review!


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In this video I give my full review of the “Finger Master” hand gripper / exerciser from Epitomie Fitness. This is a five finger hand exerciser with individual joints with adjustable tension for each joint. In addition it includes two key-locks to lock down individual joints for more precise stimulation (this also comes in handy when you have an individual finger that is injured and you don’t want to exercise it). I found it to be well made and it works even better than described on the Epitomie website. In particular I really liked the lock-down feature and the freedom it offered by allowing you to more easily grip the device. In addition, the tension controls allowed for a pretty diverse range of tension from moderate to difficult. My fingers get very sore from gi training to the variety helped a lot. Another surprising feature was the rubber grip pad on the bottom can be removed to cover all five finger joints to allow for a baseball grip.

Overall assessment:
It’s a well made product that works even better than described on the website. It comes with a lifetime money back guarantee from Epitomie Fitness.

Overall Benefit:
It’s a fun product for when you are on the go, at work, home watching a movie, etc. It does a great job stretching and exercising individual joints. I also love that it isn’t just a “squeeze it as hard as you can” device. You actually can work patterns and engage the mind too!

Availability / Cost:
I sells on the Epitomie Fitness website for $16.95 (with free shipping for orders over $35 – ships from Amazon)  The price is killer so you can’t go wrong!



Tips for dealing with sore fingers:

  • Hand Ice bath – This a great temporary relief for sore fingers.  The ice will be shockingly cold but it will provide some relief…which is better than no relief!
  • Hook Grips, Spider Guard – The hook grip will reign terror on your finger tips so be mindful of overworking your joints.
  • Hand Massages – If you can find someone who is willing to rub your hands it will help loosen tight fingers and provide relief.  In my case, this is difficult since my wife trains too, so I ask my kids to rub my hands!
  • Tape your fingers – I find that taping provides a ton of relief during training and allows me to more effectively apply collar chokes (especially during long open mats).
  • No Gi Training – If your hands are taking a real beating switch to no-gi training for a short break.





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