The Americana Lock using “Prehensile Control”










In this video I detail the “Americana” shoulder lock from the mount. For me the Americana is a “go-to” submission from the mount. I almost always attack immediately with the americana as it generally creates opportunities for additional attacks (back attacks, etc.) Also, if you mess up the americana you don’t get into a lot of trouble! In the first video I show all the details on the lock. Notice how she uses her head, abs, etc. to control the submission. (prehensile control) In the second video I show several set ups from side control. The two side control set ups use the head and chin to control the bottom player. I am a big believer in using your ENTIRE body when you train Jiu-Jitsu. This can include the head / chin to control joints, using the feet for grasping, etc. In the animal kingdom they call these “prehensile” movements. Prehensility is the quality of adapting an appendage for grasping. Think monkeys that grasp with their feet and tails. In the Jiu-Jitsu world I believe that we can learn to adapt various body parts (feet, chin, head, knees, etc.) for controlling, grasping, gripping and so on. I have been developing drills that can aid in developing these skills (more on that later). Give these simple prehensile attacks a whirl and see what you think!








As always, -Happy Training!


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