Developing Core Strength for BJJ & Combat Sports!

solo ball drills

In Jiu-Jitsu I really believe that “core is king!”.  You have to develop a strong core if you want to develop good Jiu-Jitsu.  Core is a term that gets thrown around gym conversations all the time.  Most people may think of core as having a six pack.  Yes, if you have great core strength you more than likely have good abs.  But good core strength isn’t just about your abs.  The best description I’ve heard for your core is your ‘body without your skeleton’.  It can be thought of as the group of muscles that hold everything in place.  A weak core can often be the culprit for sore arms and legs.  Often times gravitational stress on the joints can cause pain from a weak core not doing it’s job. For everyday life functions you need core strength but for Jiu-Jitsu core really is king!  What is the very first technique you learn in BJJ?  Shrimping of course!  Have you every taught a day-one beginner how to shrimp?  If it’s a fit 20 year old, yes they pick it up quick!  But what about the rest of the world?  That’s why most people become a “puddle of water” on the mats! They simply have to learn to reconnect their body by developing a stronger core.  In this video I show several exercises you can do in a very small space using a simple rubber ball!  For me exercise has to meet three criteria:  Functional (strengthen my craft and the muscles associated with it), Fitness (I must get a burn because as a a busy dad and husband times is always critical), FUN!  (I have to feel a mental and physical connection when I exercise.  For me, anything that forces me to use my mind and body is fun!)  Give these a try and as always, Happy Training!  Be sure to visit our friends at Combat Skin for the coolest gear anywhere.

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