How does a BJJ Black Belt play catch? (Developing core strength for BJJ)

ball pass

In this video I demonstrate catching a rubber ball with my feet. In BJJ we always say, “you will learn how to use your feet like hands.” This is very true as the feet can literally be trained to be used as hands! These drills require timing, coordination, focus and great core strength. As I’ve gotten older my workouts have to fit within a certain criteria to get me interested: “The three F’s” Functional, Fitness & Fun! Functional – It needs to be related to BJJ. Fitness – I need to get a workout in. Fun – I only want to do stuff that integrates my mind and body. To me, thats fun! I will be posting some great beginner solo drill videos that show how to develop core strength, foot / leg coordination and are fun all using a simple rubber ball! In the meantime, happy training!

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