Hand Trap Submission Series (Part 1 & 2)

submission series
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There’s a great little story with this submission series.  A few weeks back my wife Sheena asked me, “What do I do when guys trap my hand behind my back from closed guard?”  I immediately said, “Oh…I’ve got something for you!”  I have had more than a few guys try this move on me over the years.  You know the one…where someone pins your wrist to the floor, reaches behind your back and traps it with the other hand?  This a move that in my experience, big guys tend to do to smaller people.  Over the years I’ve honed a great little counter to this move.  I always laugh when someone ‘traps’ my hand because I know that I have a little present for them!

The funny thing is, when I showed this move to my wife I got all excited  and went back to open mat wanting someone to trap my hand…  But alas nobody was taking the bait. So this is how the second move in this series came about.  I wanted to figure out how to create the same type of over-hook I was ending up with when they trapped my hand.  So I came up with the idea of pulling their arm to the side and reaching behind my own back to create the same over-hook.  It looks like I am ‘trapping’ my own arm, but in reality I am trapping their arm and creating an over-hook.  Give it a try and see what you think.  -Happy Training!

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