Sneaky Loop Choke (3 videos!)

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This is a sneaky little Loop Choke that works very similar to the baseball choke. It’s similar in the sense that you finish this choke from a ‘non-dominant’ position (or defensive position). Some people refer to these chokes as ‘sacrifice’ or ‘suicide’ chokes. They use these terms because they believe that if you give up position you are taking a big risk. I am a big believer in submitting opponents from non-dominant / defensive positions. For example: applying chokes from within someones guard. Or, in the case of this video…choking someone from bottom side. We are all taught from day one, “position before submission!” I agree with this to a certain extent. For beginners it’s a good rule to try to get position before attempting submissions. But…I think it’s okay to try submissions from defensive positions IF you understand the consequence of your actions. For example, if you try to choke someone from within their closed guard you risk being arm-barred! If you understand how and why this can happen then you are in a better position to prevent it too. But it’s important to always understand the risk. Keep in mind though, it’s never a ‘risk’ if you make them tap! The reason I love (not like) the idea of submitting people from defensive positions is two-fold. 1. You are always one step ahead of them because when you give up position you always catch them off guard. Just like in the loop choke I show in this video. When you kick them out of your guard, most everyone will take the ‘bait” because they think they’re passing your guard…which only helps guide them to a place where they’ll ultimately be submitted. Which brings me to point number two! 2. I know this is my ego speaking rather loudly, But there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the look on someone’s face when you tap them from a defensive position. The ‘How did you do that face???’ If they ask, simply say, “it’s a ninja thing…If I told ya I’d have to submit you again!”  (watch all three videos as they tie together nicely and I show a few different set ups – visit our sponsors – and share our videos!)  Reaction Nutriton CODE: SPIDERNINJA


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