Your Ninja Tip: North / South Americana Trap!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 10.38.15 AM

This is a sweet little move that I recently “fell into” when I was working an “americana shoulder trap”. (americana shoulder trap video: In this video (like many of my videos) I show it as a “no-gi move”, even though it works for gi too. The reason I do this is that most of my moves translate to both worlds. In addition, I think it is easier to see the moves on video without the gi.


The reason I mention this is that a few of my subscribers have asked me if I train gi too because most of my videos are no-gi. The answer: I train mostly gi…probably 95% gi! I love no-gi and compete in no-gi all the time. I really believe that it’s pretty easy to transition from gi to no gi. (But nearly impossible to transition quickly from no-gi to gi because lapel / collar chokes change things considerably) The key is to add moves to your game that translate well to both worlds. A good example is the amerciana or kimura lock. Both work very well in gi and no-gi. The triangle is another great example. The triangle choke can be performed fairly easy with both gi and no-gi. The only real difference is in the placement of grips. (collar versus clinching the neck for posture control) So instead of focusing on what’s better, more realistic etc. I like to take the approach of developing tools that work well for both gi and no-gi.  Now go get your gi and train!

-Mike “spider-ninja” Bidwell

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