INVERTED TRIANGLE CHOKES! (two set-ups gi & no-gi)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.07.57 AM










Ninjas here’s a great set-up that I have been using for sometime now.  The initial leg position and ensuing submissions can both be done gi and no-go too.  I started playing with this “leg weave” from the bottom and have developed a series of solid triangles chokes and other submissions from this position. You will also notice that I use a very different hand / leg position when I finish my triangle chokes. On all my triangle chokes I position my body at a 90 degree angle relative to parter (perpendicular). This allows for a very tight triangle choke because the angle lines you directly up with both carotid arteries. You will also notice that in the first triangle choke on this video I connect my hand over and under my partners back. This connection creates a ton of leverage to finalize the choke.  (unlike anything I’ve seen before) If your arms are shorter and you cannot connect them, you can pull on your partners side and create comparable pressure. Give it a try and as always, Happy Training…(I have several submissions from the leg weave and will release them soon.)

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