The “Spider-Ninja” takes on “The Incredible Hulk” in an Epic Battle!

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All right Ninja’s here’s my match from last weekend.  (My entire family, two adults and two kid’s all competed together for the first time – I will blog that later.)

Leading up to this match I was paged to my ring to start the match. When I arrived my opponent never showed. I waited for almost an hour and they said they paged him over and over and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. So I resigned myself to not competing and got dressed and started to eat. Then an hour later he arrived and I have to say he was huge! I thought I was looking at the Incredible Hulk! The dude was big compared to me… Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge and went for it!


In this match you see me take on a much bigger dude who really gives me a run for my money. (The video isn’t great so here’s a better description) I hit a nice little duck under arm drag early on and got his back but he powers out. He ends up in my closed guard where we accidentally head butt each other and the match is stopped for blood. When we resume, we scramble a bit and he almost passes my guard but I eventually get half guard then butterfly. We scramble some more before I come up for a single on his giant man-sized leg and he easily stuffs it. There’s like 40 seconds left at this point and he’s got my back and I was getting worried because I was down on points. So here I am turtled he doesn’t have hooks yet and and I am dying… I hook his arm into and figure-4 (“Sakaraba style”) and roll him over me with a kimura and end up in cross side with his arm-locked straight now. I fight for the lock but he’s just too strong so I try to stay in side…he pushes me off and we scramble for the last few seconds. I win 4-2. This match for me was a test of heart more than anything… There were moments where I had to dig down and fight for every single inch just to survive… It was also the first time since I started to compete again in 2012 to have an opponent score a point on me.

If you have never competed in BJJ, I strongly recommend it for everyone.  The experience alone is invaluable…you will walk away a changed person!  See you on the mats and as always -Happy training!

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough!”  -Mae West

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4 thoughts on “The “Spider-Ninja” takes on “The Incredible Hulk” in an Epic Battle!

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  1. Wow that’s a battle with so many mad scrambles! Do you compete in gi as well? Are there any videos of the matches? Would love to watch them.

    1. Thanks! As a smaller guy (155 lbs) I tend to try to create scrambles as much as I can. I do better in a scramble. In this case because he was so much bigger and stronger I needed to create movement and opportunity. It stinks because I don’t have any gi matches on video. BUT lots more tournaments to come… Ironically, I train with the gi 95% of the time. 🙂

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