Spider Web Control to Ninja Bow & Arrow Choke (Three Set ups!)

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 8.16.42 PM











All right ninjas here’s my latest video!  In this video we utilize a position I call “spider web control”.  You have seen this in past videos but I started to use the name “spider web control” to simplify it when I am teaching the position.  Basically you utilize the far side lapel of your gi to create a “spider web” on your opponent.  This position will put your opponent in a very tricky trap that is very difficult to escape from.  Be sure to watch the entire video as I show three different set ups.  This position is VERY effective so be sure to drill it and understand the various pathways.  I have included the previous videos below too.  Good luck and train hard!

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Here’s the previous set ups for Spider Web Control to the Ninja Choke


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