The “CRY-ANGLE CHOKE”: Will make a grown man cry!

All right Ninjas…Here is the evil that is the “Cry-Angle” choke!  

This is a concept I have been tinkering with for over a year…the idea of using both the leg and the arm inside a triangle choke.  I’ve put together a few different entries into this choke that utilize the 50/50 position (not to stall) but to attack immediately.  Why the name “Cry-Angle choke?  It sounds like the “triangle choke” and this one will make you cry (physically – it hurts!) and mentally (again…it hurts!)…  I also like the fact that you literally have four attacks to choose from:  Triangle, knee bar (against their head – OUCH!), arm bar and toe hold!  Enjoy – as always, Happy Training!

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