BJJ Hand Ice Bath for relief? (video)



















If you train regularly with the  gi then your hands (like mine) are probably wrecked all the time. I’ve tried icing my hands with ice packs and that is more of a pain in the ass. So when Andre Galvao was here for a recent seminar I asked him what kind of stuff he does for his hands. He said that submerging them in ice water helped. So I figured it’s worth a try? I have found that in my very unscientific testing that about 20 seconds at a time works best (mostly because it’s my pain limit). So I’ve been going with 20 seconds in and 10-15 seconds out, then 20 seconds submerged again. This seems to be about all I can stand. I will wait about five minutes and repeat it again. I’m sure the relief I am feeling is very temporary…but who cares any relief at this point feels incredible! So give it a try and happy training. LEAVEE COMMENTS OR TIPS BELOW AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!


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